Toolbox FAQs

Online Counselling Explained

What is the Online Counselling Directory?

We are a listing service for helping professionals who are working with clients via an online medium (web conferencing, etc).  Professionals pay a small monthly fee to list their practices – highlighting their education, approach and specialties.

Clients from all over the world can search for several different criteria, find the right counsellor for them, and connect with that counselor via email.

So you don’t provide the video / audio platform for the session?

No.  This is a directory listing.  Each of the listed therapists and counsellors choose which HIPAA compliant platform they would like to use for their individual practices.  There are several very good and affordable options available and we have a list of recommended options in the “Platform” section of the Therapist’s Toolbox.

How does the directory help grow my practice?

  • Referrals
    Tens of thousands of clients each month are searching for terms like online counselling and online therapy.  By listing your profile with our directory, you are putting your services in front of those clients who are searching for them.
  • Social Media
    We have a dedicated team that is constantly advertising the directory and it’s members on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google +, and Instagram.
  • SEO
    Having a profile listed on our directory that links back to your own website provides an authoritative link and increasing the ranking of your own site.
  • Education
    We will be offering ongoing webinars and articles on topics such as marketing and practice growth – aiming at developing a global audience.
  • Publication Opportunities
    Through our blog, you have an opportunity to shine a light on your particular approach and specialty and be seen as a leader in your field.
  • Credibility
    All members are verified for education and credentialing.
  • Industry tracking
    As our field changes in terms of legislation and licensure / credentialing, we will be tracking an updating you on how you need to adapt.

Is there a contract / commitment?

No.  Providers pay month to month on an automated basis and can cancel at any time.

Who created the Online Counselling Directory?

Hi.  My name is Clay Cockrell and I am Licensed Clinical Social Worker based in New York City.  I have had a successful therapy practice for over 20 years and have been working online for the past 5 years.  I developed this directory when I saw a need out there for referring clients to therapists who provided online therapy.  There simply wasn’t an easy place to direct clients who were seeking this service.

Also, my colleagues and I had several questions about how to do this work in an ethical, legal and responsible way.  There seemed to be a lot of information out there – but not in any one place.  This is a service for therapists developed by therapists.

What’s this about proceeds going to support the arts?

Have you ever noticed that people who go into our field also seemed to be drawn to the arts?  While I had major in psychology, I also got a minor in theater arts and several of my colleagues were similarly drawn to theater, photography, writing, or painting.  Maybe there is something in the way the mind works that attracts artistic people to the helping profession.

Recognizing this duality, we’ve decided to give back to the art community.  After all, the arts contribute to everyone’s good mental health!  A majority of the proceeds of this directory will be given to non-profit arts groups.

You may be familiar with Paul Newman’s Own.  Several years ago, the actor Paul Newman started a food company as a charity where all the profits from the products were funneled into worthy non profit charities.  Our goal is to apply this concept to local non-profit arts organizations.