Talk To A Therapist Online

Talk To A Therapist Online

Talk To A Therapist Online

Are you struggling with negative thoughts, feelings of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety, or just need someone to talk through your problems with? If you answered yes to any of those questions, The Online Counseling Directory provides you with the resources to be able to talk to a therapist online. Communication technology has become more accessible to everyone and we are using those advancements to change the way our clients are able to connect with a mental health therapist in order to get the help that they need to live a healthy and productive life.

Benefits of being able to talk to a therapist online

Online counseling is not a new concept, and has many benefits for clients seeking to improve their mental health, including but not limited to:

  • Wide range of therapists and counsellors to choose from who are certified and trained to handle specific issues
  • Not limited by services available in your local community. There are counsellors from all 50 states available, as well as internationally, including: Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Israel, France, Ireland, Greece, Sweden, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Estonia, Lebanon, New Zealand, Bermuda, India, Singapore, and Serbia
  • Maximize your time – no commute or time spent in waiting rooms.
  • Cost effective – therapists can charge less because they do not have the overhead costs of keeping up office space
  • Great for clients who travel frequently or have many responsibilities which make keeping regular appointments difficult
  • Improved mental state and functioning
  • Increased level of comfort and intimacy
  • Can receive a wide variety of services, including: counseling (psychology, social work, or psychiatry), life coaching, couples counseling, and hypnotherapy

Here at The Online Counseling Directory our mission is to provide our clients with the necessary tools to be able to find the right online therapist for them. If you need to talk to a therapist online you can search our database or use the powerful matching tool provided by Betterhelp. With either method you have the ability to find the right therapist for you by searching with a multitude of search criteria, including: type of therapist, area of focus, language, gender, treatment approach, faith, and sexuality. Once you have found an online therapist, we provide you the medium to reach out, ask questions, and determine if he or she is the right fit for you and your issue. You will then be able to decide with your counsellor what the best way to talk to a therapist online will be. Many common ways online counselors communicate with their clients is through video conferencing (such as Skype), over the phone, via text, or over email.

Is it safe to talk to a therapist online?

One of the concerns that we hear a lot is whether or not online counseling is safe. Rest assured that here at The Online Counseling Directory we only feature the best of the best online therapists and counsellors. Each therapist that is listed on our site has had their license and credentials verified through a step-by-step personal verification process.  Also, online platforms are encrypted and will be able to keep your session confidential. Each therapist chooses what HIPAA compliant platform they will use for their individual practice. We developed this directory when we saw a need for referring clients to therapists who provided online therapy in an ethical, legal, and responsible way.

The Online Counseling Directory provides a safe, convenient, and effective way for clients to be able to talk to a therapist online. We provide a list of the best of the best online therapists and counsellors.  Each one has been vetted to make sure that they have the education, experience, and online therapy training to be the best fit for you, our clients who need their help the most. No matter what issue you may be facing, help is available. Online counseling makes the counseling process easier, more convenient, and much more interesting. Get started today finding the help you need.


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