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Private Practice Resources

Private Practice Hub

Their tag line is “the business of therapy” and creator Geoff Simons has created a wonderful resource that focuses specifically on this. Designed for both coaches and counsellors in the UK, The Private Practice Hub give practice advice, free resources and can even help you find a therapy office via their search engine. They have in depth information on finance, marketing, paperwork, professional issues and administration. This is an incredible value to the industry.

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Legendary Lion – Web Design

This website was created by Legendary Lion. Say no more. When we at the Online Counselling Directory were referred to their services – we never looked back. They offer custom design and development for complicated sites (like ours) and for simple sites too! They offer brand design and Search Engine Optimization as well. They are creative, professional, honest and I could go on and on. We are pleased we went with them and highly recommend their services.

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Empathysites – Web Design

Kat Love is a web designer on a mission to help therapists attract their best fit clients through design that really reflects who they are. From those therapists who wish to stop stressing about the tech stuff to those that just want to delegate website design to someone else, Empathysites serves our profession in a real and dynamic way with websites that will help grow our practices. For a reasonable monthly fee – Empathysites creates and maintains a vibrant site that reflects your voice. So stop the overwhelm and get a website that expresses who you are by getting your own Empathysite.


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Brighter Vision – Web Design

Perry Rosenbloom has created the leader in the industry for websites specifically for therapists. They are the complete web solution for therapists. They do over 500 therapist websites per year and the process can take only 60 to 90 minutes of your time. They charge a small monthly fee and everything is included – even SEO! Check out their blog for common issues related to web sites for therapists. We’ve met them – they are great people over there!

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Create My Therapist Website – Web Design

This site is a great love story. Daniel Fava is a web designer and marketing expert who fell in love and married a therapist. As his wife started her private practice, he put his skills to work in support of her business. He learned so much and her practice was so successful that he began to do this for others and his own business was born. For all things social media, blogging, seo and web design – Daniel is your Man.

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Tame Your Practice

Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, M.Ed, NCC has created a one-stop shop to help you make your private practice hum with efficiency. He runs his own highly successful private practice and has extensive information and Technology and Business Administration experience. Tame Your Practice will advise you on how to reduce your paperwork via Cloud and Mobile technology and create financial efficiency by targeting wasteful spending and increasing the productive use of your time. Along they way they will help you attract more clients by using the latest techniques in Internet and Social Marketing. Also, Rob’s blog offers tons of free information, including free reviews of Cloud-Based EHR/Practice Management Systems for mental health professionals.

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Strom Consulting

As an attorney and mental health counsellor, Eric Strom is uniquely qualified to support therapists in their legal questions. His practice tag line is: “legal services for mental health professionals” and that’s exactly what he provides. In addition, you can obtain continuing education and ethics consultations. Eric is a great guy and his consultation service states: “We have the professional experience and expertise to help you create, maintain, and grow a sound practice so that you can give your full focus to your clients.”

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