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Addie Wieland, LCSW

professionSocial Worker

experience7 Years of Experience

locationUnited States

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About Addie Wieland

On the outside you appear as if you have it all together. You pride yourself on being the good one. Good student. Good employee. Good partner. Others think you have it all figured out. But you don’t. You feel like a fake. “Who do you think you are” constantly plays in your head. Deep down you don’t feel good enough no matter how much you throw yourself into whatever vice (school, work, relationships, kids) that distracts you from your feelings. You avoid your feelings like the plague because growing up feelings were seen as a weakness. You often feel anxious & on edge. You are so tired of hustling for your worthiness & pretending.

You want to feel joy. True overwhelming joy. You want to stop running from your feelings because they are too overwhelming. You want to slow down enough to enjoy life. When something goes wrong you want that voice in your head to be kind. You want to heal from past wounds not be defined by them. Ultimately, you want to feel worthy NOW not when.


Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse, Trauma / PTSD



Age Group Focus


Treatment Approaches

Attachment-based, EMDR, Interpersonal, Psychodynamic, Relational, Somatic


Men’s Issues, Parenting, Relationship Issues, Women’s Issues

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