Anti-Political Anxiety Program Announcement

Hello Members of The Online Counseling Directory,


Today we are announcing a big project that will give you, as counselors, an opportunity to address the growing anxiety in the world related to current political changes.


I have spoken with many of you who share my concern about the level of anxiety and fear that the US and the rest of the world is experiencing as a result of the political changes in the last few months.  There are many reports in the media that mental health professionals are seeing a large increase in this with our clients.  They have even given it a name:

Trump Anxiety.


And first let me say that this is not an anti-Trump project.  As a therapist, I’ve made the choice to keep my political beliefs private and I intend to do the same here on the directory.  We have members from both sides of the spectrum.  And indeed, I see suffering in both my conservative and my liberal clients.


Liberals are feeling like the world is imploding and we are regressing and conservatives are angry and feeling disrespected.  Fear and anxiety and uncertainty are affecting us all at a level never seen before.


We believe we have come up with an idea to help.  A way for us to give back.


Starting next Monday, we will be launching a program that gives you the ability to offer 2 free “anti-political-anxiety” sessions to anyone who visits the site and is struggling with this issue.


I’m sure you will have some questions, so I’ve tried to answer them below.


Is this mandatory for all members?

Absolutely not.  But if you would like to donate some time to someone who is struggling – this is how you can do it.  I am a HUGE advocate that mental health professionals should be paid what they are worth.  But I know that most of us have a few sliding scale and/or free slots that are sometimes open.


How long are the sessions?

We recommend 45 minutes each – but up to you.


Can I have flexibility in scheduling?

Yes, you would schedule these sessions for a mutually convenient time.


Do I get to choose how many people I take on?

Of course.  You can choose to work with one client or as many as you like.  When you have hit your limit and aren’t taking on anymore, please email me and we will take your name off the list.


How will you address the US state licensure restrictions?

I’m not considering this to be psychotherapy / counseling.  It is more educational or coaching.  I am expecting people to contact us who need some basic skills to manage their fears and anxiety.  This is anti-anxiety 101. Triage, if you will.


On the directory we have incredible diversity in our training and approaches (CBT, person-centered, psycho-dynamic, psychoanalysis – you name it.)  But most of us have the ability to give an empathetic ear to a person’s pain, normalize it and then teach some basic coping skills – breathing, meditation, choosing where the mind focuses, staying in the present, fighting overwhelm, going on a news diet, etc.  While these are very basic skills, it can be life changing for someone who does not have these tools.


I recommend approaching these 2 sessions as anti-anxiety educational or coaching sessions.  Therefore the state restrictions do not apply – especially since they are free.


Ok.  So I’m interested, how do I sign up and exactly what am I agreeing to?


You are agreeing to be listed on a special page that offers 2 free anti-political-anxiety sessions to each client that contacts you through this program.  The scheduling is up to you.  The amount of clients you take is up to you.


To sign up – just email me: and tell me you want to participate.


As always, I am in awe of your abilities and generosity and thank you for being part of this directory.




Clay Cockrell, LCSW


The Online Counseling Directory