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What Is The Online Counselling Directory?

The Online Counselling Directory is an international directory that provides a platform that connects people with therapists all over the world. The Online Counselling Directory also provides resources and guidance to therapists that wish to take their practice online with podcasts and documents that help you get started.

Our goal is to both inform everyone on the latest developments, as well as make accessible a therapist finding tool that allows for immediate connection between therapists and potential clients. As communication technology becomes more accessible to everyone, the way therapists and their clients connect will move more into online communication platforms. We want to make sure that therapists and clients can connect easily with tools that help everyone in finding the right therapist for the right client. Therapists can list their practice on The Online Counselling Directory, and clients can search therapists all over the world who have signed up to our service with our advanced therapist finding tool.

Why Online Counselling?

  • Define the issue that you’re facing
  • Find Online Counsellors with our matching tool
  • Reach out and decide if the one you’ve found is right for you!

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Find online counsellors

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